The Home Owner's Association is always excited to welcome new people to the team.  The more people involved, the more we are able to ensure the HOA is truly of the people and for the people.


Join the Welcome Chain

We love to welcome people to the neighborhood, but we need more hands to help!  Join our welcome chain to be notified when someone new moves in and check your schedule to see if you are able to be on duty to stop by to offer a personal welcome, and maybe some cookies too.

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Join the Neighborhood Checkers 

Currently our Association Management service provides patrols of the neighborhood twice per month to catch deed restrictions violations. We would like to move one of those checks per month to a committee of residents so that the HOA is truly of, by and for the people.  It's harder to disagree with a violation when you and your peers are giving it to yourself!

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Attend a Meeting

All Home Owner's Board Meetings are open to residents of Reatta Meadows.  Check NextDoor or our website for notifications of the next meeting. 

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Volunteer Your Skills

Do you know a lot about trees in Texas?  Can you offer insight into when the best time is for residents to plant new trees, and what types survive?

Do you enjoy helping neighbors landscape?  We have some elderly residents, and some with many kids that a volunteer to help with a large yardwork project would be very welcome!

Do you enjoy writing?  Would you like to offer to write a monthly column on news and activities for the website?

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